Perspectives on (f)MRI Imaging At Ultrahigh Field








Workshop: Perspectives on (f)MRI Imaging At Ultrahigh Field

September, 21st 2015

International School of Advanced Studies (SISSA)

Via Borromeo, 265 – Trieste (Italy)     –      Meeting Room 7th floor



As investigators consider approaching the challenge of MR imaging at field strengths above 3T, do they follow the same paradigm, and continue to work around the same problems they have encountered thus far at 3T, or do they explore other ways of answering the research questions more effectively and more comprehensively? The most immediate problems of imaging at ultrahigh field strength are not unfamiliar, as many of them are still pressing issues at 3T: radiofrequency coils, B1 homogeneity, specific absorption rate, safety, B0 field homogeneity, alterations in tissue contrast, and chemical shift. In this symposium, these issues will be briefly addressed in terms of how they may affect image quality at field strengths beyond 3T. Various approaches to overcoming the challenges will be discussed as well as potential applications of ultrahigh field MR imaging as it applies to the cognitive neuroscience domain.