Angelo Bisazza


2001 Professor (Psychobiology), Department of General Psychology, University of Padova

1998-2000 Associate Professor (Psychobiology), Department of General Psychology, University of Padova

1984-98 Senior Research fellow, Department of General Psychology, University of Padova

1982-83 Assistant professor . Department of Ecology, University of Calabria

1981 Research fellow (EEC grant). Roslin Centre, (Edimburgh,UK).

1978-79 Scholarship on Applied Ethology (University of Padova)

1976 M.Sc in Biology  (University of Padova)


Research Interests

The function of sexual ornaments in fish and other vertebrates

I am interested in understanding the evolutionary function of sexually dimorphic ornaments. In particular I study the importance of male ornaments for female mate choice and for male agonistic communication.


The evolution of multiple signals in mate choice (Cariparo grant 2008-2010)

Evolution of cerebral lateralization in vertebrates.

I am interested in in understanding the role of genes and early experience on development of cerebral lateralization in lower vertebrates  . My laboratory also investigates the advantages and disadvantages of functional brain asymmetries and the ecological consequences of lateralized behavior in teleost fish.

Numerical cognition

I investigate numerical abilities in vertebrates with special emphasis on factors affecting numerical discrimination in teleosts and primates. My ultimate goal is understanding whether all vertebrates share the same numerical systems or rather this ability evolved multiple times in different lineages.


Numerical competence in non human animals Prin 2010-12

Progetto di ateneo 2008 -2010  Numerical cognition in animals

Individual differences in behavior and cognition

Sex differences in cognitive ability have been extensively investigated in humans but relatively few studies exist on other vertebrate species. I investigate differences between males and females in spatial, numerical and learning abilities in two model fish, the guppy and the zebrafish.


Ricerca Scientifica fondi quota EX 60%

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